Homework Term 4 Week 2 2014

Consonant Blend – nk

Set 1

drink blank thank sank plank think honk drunk skunk trunk

Set 2

wrinkle blanket thankful wrinkly plankton drinking crinkle twinkle thinking donkey donkeys bankrupt

Which of these words have ank in them?

Which of these words have ink in them?

Which of these words have unk in them?

Which of these words have onk in them?

What other words do you know that have these letters in them?

Are there any words that have enk in them?

This week some families will be receiving a maths activity bag to take home. The bag is then to come back to school the next day for another family to take it home the next night.




Shapes and Geometry.

We are learning about Shapes and Geometry.

Here are some words we know:

square, rectangle, circle, hexagon, triangle, diamond, oval, semi-circle,pentagon, octagon. trapezium

3D  2D  dimensional

sphere, rectangular prism, cone, triangular prism, cylinder, cube, pyramid

Angles – obtuse, acute, right angle, 90 degrees

irregular shapes, regular shapes, closed shapes, opened shapes, rounded shapes,

edges, faces, corners and sides

triangles- right angles, isosceles, equalateral, scalene



Road Safety

In Week 4 we had a special visitor from the RACV to teach us about being safe on the roads.

We sang a song called `When We Walk down the Street.’

When we walk down the street use your eyes before your feet
When we walk down the street use your ears before your feet.

We roleplayed walking across the road safely. We had to wait for pretend cars and bikes. When Mrs Fitt held up a picture of a car we were not allowed to cross the road

We sang the seat belt rap.

We learnt these important facts:
Hold hands at the crossing.
Cross the road with mum and dad.
The lollipop lady whistles twice for pedestrians to walk across the road.
Make eye contact with the driver before crossing the road.
Sometimes you have to let the driver go first.
When there is no crossing you and your family need to find a safe place to cross.
Air bags are not soft pillows.
They are too hard for kids and do not keep kids safe in the front seat.
Even Nicholas the tallest child in our class is not tall enough.
You have to be 145 cm tall to sit in a seat with just a seat belt.
If you are not that tall you need to be in a booster seat.
Your seat belt must sit on your collar bone, your sternum and your hip bone. Not sit on soft parts of your body.
When we are in the car we should not distract the driver.photo (7)

photo (8)

Cartoon It!!!!!

photoIn Week 5 Richard Galbraith who is an author illustrator visited our school. He
taught us how to draw cartoon robots and hamburgers. Richard wrote the book
Snowfire. Week 6 is Book Week when we celebrate all the GREAT books we can read!
Thanks Richard for getting us ready for Book Week!

photo (1)photo (2)photo (3)photo (4)photo (5)photo (6)

Juniors Science Expo

photo nick

photo raphaelphoto miaphoto liamphotohannah expoDSCN1247DSCN1236DSCN1234DSCN1229DSCN1224DSCN1223DSCN1220DSCN1218DSCN1216DSCN1207DSCN1214

Today we had our Science Expo. We put up our posters and set up our experiments. We are learning about how people use science in their everyday lives.

On our posters we had our question we were investigating, the observations we made when we did our experiments and a statement about what we had learnt. We then had to show our experiments and talk to the parents and rest of the school about what we had learnt.

We also visited the expos of other classes in the school and this helped us to learn more about science so we can answer our rich question.

What Do You Think? Where do we see science in our world and how does it help us to understand our world?

Crazy Day

crazy 6   crazy day 11  crazy day5crazy day 9crazy day 8crazy day 3crazy day 2crazy day 4Crazy Day 1A THOUGHT FROM JORDI

Today is Crazy Day. You are supposed to be Crazy because its crazy that people have to starve and not eat.

We came to school dressed in Crazy Fashion to raise money for St Vinnies to sponsor a child.

Clouds and Rain

RainIt rained today. We looked at the clouds, the sky and the rain. We talked about why it rains and where the water comes from.

Some of our thoughts we recorded on the board.

Can you add any more thoughts about rain?

Why Some Trees Lose their Leaves in Autumn.

Autumn Trees

Using our prior knowledge about trees JuniorKF discussed why trees lose their leaves. We talked about the reasons why trees have leaves and what leaves need to live on a tree. We decided that trees lose their leaves because it is a lot of hard work for trees to keep feeding their leaves during winter to save energy they lose their leaves.

What do you think?

Why do some trees lose their leaves?

Responsible Pet Ownership

Today we had some visitors come to visit our school. it was Kato the Dog and her owner Melinda.  Melinda showed us  some Cartoons on the interactive whiteboard. They helped us to talk about keeping our cats and dogs safe and healthy. We also talked about keeping our native wildlife safe from our cats and dogs.  We  talked about what we should do when we see an angry or scared dog.

what to do with dogs raf dog frances dog emma dog jenny dog patrick dog

Can you name the four steps on how to behave around an angry dog?

Can you name the four steps to meet and greet a dog?