Building with Lego

photoToday we learnt how to use the program Lego Build. In the bottom right corner of the screen it tells you which buttons to use to place bricks, rotate, zoom and undo.

The students  had to work together, problem solve,  get ideas from one another, learn to use combinations of keys on the computer to move objects and much more

Campbell said, ” I know how to change colours.”

Bethany said,” I have this program at home.” and  her partner Simon found this very helpful.

Emma said, “I’m doing abstract art. It is whatever you think it is. I got it from a picture at home.”

Caitlin asked, “How do you make it larger. ” Mrs Coffa helped her to problem solve”

The students built waterfalls, big buildings, houses, messy hotels, homes with waterfalls,  two storey houses,  houses with pools and spas and houses with four decks of windows.

To try it at home: Go on Chrome and search for “Build with Chrome”.


My Smartie Graph


Week Two Term 2

Data and Graphs

This week we were learning about collecting information and organising the information into graphs. We asked one another questions about our favourite things.

For Example:

What is your favourite colour?

Blue                           Red             None

Green                         Yellow

The children went around and surveyed 10 people. They tallied the answers and then made a pictograph about their results.

The children thought up some very interesting questions such as: What is your favourite television show?

Then at the end of the week we collected information about the colours in a Smarties Box.

Smartie Graph


St Patrick’s Day

We came to school in green today.  We donated money to wear green and the money is going to the people of Tonga. Our class told the story of St Patrick to the school. We drew pictures to tell the story. We put them over our heads so everyone could see them. We did St Patrick’s prayer as an action prayer. The School Social Justice Team and the Seniors they have made cup cakes and other things to sell to raise money for the people of

Sue deGennaro – Author and Illustrator

On Wednesday last week, Sue deGennaro visited us. She is an author and an illustrator.

Sue asked us to close our eyes and create a picture in our mind of two hairy gorillas in a bath. She does that when she draws a picture for a picture story book.

Sue illustrated the book Button Boy. She showed us her drawings for Button Boy. Sue tried lots of different ways of drawing characters and backgrounds. She showed us her storyboards. They are her plans for each page of the book. Sue then draws a large picture from her plan. She draws it very large so that she can put lots of details in her picture and she then paints the picture.

Sue taught us to draw pictures step by step. We drew a picture of Grandma Woolley,Billy Button, Funky Monkey and Giraffe.



Transport over Time Questionaire

The Story of Cars:

Adult readers of our Blog – Can you help us to find out about how cars have changed over time by answering our survey?

1. When you were in Grade One or Two what car did your family own? Describe it.

2. What was the first car you owned? Tell us about it.

3 What car do you own now?

4. What things are the same or different about all these cars?

Thankyou for your help


Junior KF

Leading Prayer At Morning Assembly

Every Monday morning the whole school gathers to pray together.

This week it was Junior KF’s turn.

We shared with the school our discoveries about the Old Testament and what we learnt about God and his people though stories.

We shared the story of Joseph and his brothers. It is a story of jealousy, forgiveness, compassion and following your dreams.

God reminds us that love is not jealous.

The story also reminds us that our parents have more than enough love for everyone in our family.

We shared our dreams.

Mia’s dream is to win a dance trophy.

Jack’s dream was to help others.

What are your dreams for the future?