How and Why People Tell Stories?

This Term in Junior F we are studying ‘ How and Why People Tell Stories?’  Mrs Fitt asked us a question to begin our learning. The question was ‘What is story?’

These were some of our answers:

  • books
  • movies/film
  • art
  • characters
  • TV
  • written words
  • cartoon/animation
  • pictures
  • read
  • fairy tales
  • play/theatre
  • bible
  • imagination

We turned our words into a game of Family Feud and asked the Junior S and Junior W to play Family Feud with us.


3 thoughts on “How and Why People Tell Stories?

  1. Great answers juniors!
    who said art because did you no art can also be dancing as well as it can be something called Corroboree and that is a dance that aboriginals do.
    Bye for now.

  2. Hi junior F,
    they are great descriptions for what stories are?
    have you guys learnt anything about Australian history?
    If you have can you please tell me?
    best wishes,
    from Celia

  3. Hi junior F
    I really like all the answers you guys put together, which one do you think is the best type of story? I think it is imagination because you can picture it in your mind and perfect it.
    From Campbell

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