How Pinwheels Work.

Explanation of What We Made.

This week all the Junior Classes made pinwheels. We made the pinwheels because we are learning about how things move. We are especially finding out about how toys move.

We made the pinwheels in our Literacy Groups and parents helped us make them. We read and followed the instructions to make the pinwheels.

We needed a square piece of paper, a pencil with an eraser on the top and a pin. We folded and cut the paper and stapled the ends of the paper together. We bent the pin and put it through the paper and into the eraser.

Explanation of How it Works.

To make the pinwheel work you need to blow on it or put it in a windy place. The paper blade then moves. If there is no wind you can push it by hand.

Explanation of Why it Works

When you blow into the pinwheel the blades move because the air is pushing the blades. The air goes into the pockets on the blades and the heavier or the stronger the air the bigger the push.

The pin allows the blade to spin because its smooth and does not create friction.


10 thoughts on “How Pinwheels Work.

  1. Hi junior F
    I really liked your pinwheels you all did a really great job I can’t even believe you made them cause they are so cool!
    How did you make them?
    What materials did you use?
    How do they work?
    Our class has been learning about Australian history and I have learnt lots.
    Did you know the English thought that the Aboriginals were possums because they were climbing on trees?
    from Celia

    • Thank you Celia
      We enjoyed making the pinwheels.
      We made them out of coloured paper squares. We folded and cut he paper and then put a bent pin in the middle. We then pinned it to a pencil that had an eraser at the top.

      It is great that you are learning about Australian History. You can now share your learning with your family and friends.

  2. Hi junior F,
    I did this last year in junior Z!
    I really liked the look of the pinwheels.

    This term the middles are learning about Australian history. I have learnt that the first fleet came to Australia in 1988!
    from Josh.D Lachlan’s brother

    • Thanks Josh
      I think you mean 1788. My relative Jacob Bellette was on the First Fleet. If you Google Jacob Bellette you can read about him?

      from Mrs Fitt

  3. They look Great Junior F.
    Is this the only thing you have made?
    Was it hard or easy?
    This term we are learning about Australian history. Did you know that Captain Arthur Phillip had to give up his job to sail to Australia.


  4. Hi Juniors
    I like the pinwheels they look really cool and all the colours really stand out.

    This year we are going to learn about the aboriginals and the first fleet when the first fleet came and the people were climbing up the masts and the aboriginals thought the people were possums.
    The first fleet came in 1788

    From Xavier’s oldest brother James

  5. Hi Junior F,
    it looks like you’re having so much fun I’m really jealous. I didn’t even know what a pinwheel was they look so cool I really want to make one.
    do you know what pinwheels were invented for? because I really want to find out more!
    Keep up the great work best wishes Miles #_#

  6. HI junior F i like blog its good i like your those things you made i want won they are all good i
    think that the teacher will be happy with that it nice i come back from DANIEL

  7. hi junior f , they are great. I saw some people playing with some of them after school and I wished I hade one too. I bet you love them to.
    bye from sophie!

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