Science is

Our class participated in a THINK, PAIR, SHARE activity.

We had to think about the question ‘What is Science?’  by ourselves. Then we had to share it with a partner and write statements together beginning with Science is…….. Finally the partners shared their statements with the class.

Science is………….

Science is when scientists find out stuff. (Rose and Sam)

Science is electricity. (Ken and Riley)

Science is pushing and lifting things. (Ken and Riley)

Science is people working in a science lab. (Ken and Riley)

Science is learning and building.

Science is lifting and pulling things.(Joel and Olivia)

Science is  momentum. (Joel and Olivia)

Science is making new things.

Science is pulling.

Science isis discovering things.

Science is learning things.

Science is special effects. (Charlotte and Luke)

Science is engines.

Science is balancing.

Science is trying again and being creative and learning from it.(Harry)

Science is discovering interesting things about the world to make it a better place and not harming people. (Harry)

Science is going to places we have never been before. (Harry)

Science is pulling, pushing and dropping (Harry)

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