Road Safety

In Week 4 we had a special visitor from the RACV to teach us about being safe on the roads.

We sang a song called `When We Walk down the Street.’

When we walk down the street use your eyes before your feet
When we walk down the street use your ears before your feet.

We roleplayed walking across the road safely. We had to wait for pretend cars and bikes. When Mrs Fitt held up a picture of a car we were not allowed to cross the road

We sang the seat belt rap.

We learnt these important facts:
Hold hands at the crossing.
Cross the road with mum and dad.
The lollipop lady whistles twice for pedestrians to walk across the road.
Make eye contact with the driver before crossing the road.
Sometimes you have to let the driver go first.
When there is no crossing you and your family need to find a safe place to cross.
Air bags are not soft pillows.
They are too hard for kids and do not keep kids safe in the front seat.
Even Nicholas the tallest child in our class is not tall enough.
You have to be 145 cm tall to sit in a seat with just a seat belt.
If you are not that tall you need to be in a booster seat.
Your seat belt must sit on your collar bone, your sternum and your hip bone. Not sit on soft parts of your body.
When we are in the car we should not distract the (7)

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