Juniors Science Expo

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Today we had our Science Expo. We put up our posters and set up our experiments. We are learning about how people use science in their everyday lives.

On our posters we had our question we were investigating, the observations we made when we did our experiments and a statement about what we had learnt. We then had to show our experiments and talk to the parents and rest of the school about what we had learnt.

We also visited the expos of other classes in the school and this helped us to learn more about science so we can answer our rich question.

What Do You Think? Where do we see science in our world and how does it help us to understand our world?

2 thoughts on “Juniors Science Expo

  1. I think you did a really good job. Well done to all of you – Molly
    All your experiments and posters were cool. I liked the way you set up your expo. and how you presented it – Cooper
    Science helps us to understand about different types of science and good job Juniors! – Lachie
    I learnt how to make a fog in a jar from Declan’s expo – Grace

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