What are Zoos? Why do we have Zoos?

We are learning about all the amazing animals God has created.

Today we talked about zoos and why we have them.

We had to write our own ideas down and then get into teams to share our answers.

Team Anteater

A zoo is where you can see animals from all around the world. A zoo is a big place with animals in cages. It is a building where lots of people can visit. A zoo is a place for kids to learn about animals and the wild.

Team Bear

A zoo is somewhere that animals live in. The zoo helps animals that are endangered. Zoos let people look at animals. People might discover something new. They are used to keep animals safe.

Team Crocodile

A zoo is a fun place for adults and kids to go. A zoo has animals that are in cages so they don’t attack anyone. A zoo is a building. A zoo is an animal home. We have zoos for people to spend the day at the zoo. We have zoos for animals to live there. We have zoos for people to see animals.   It is another way for animals to survive.

Team Dingo

A zoo is a place for animals. Where people get to see animals so we can protect animals. So that animals have a safe home. People can see animals and they don’t have to go overseas.

One thought on “What are Zoos? Why do we have Zoos?

  1. My favourite animal to see in the zoo is the tiger because they look like my cat Coco. What’s your favourite animal to see?
    Amanda (Natasha and Andrew’s cousin)

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